Salient Features

Award Winning School

Trophy Logo

Pratibha International School, honored with the Ideal School Award in 2016-17 by Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, continues to receive accolades for its commitment to holistic education and innovative teaching methods. The school’s ongoing recognition reflects its dedication to excellence in education.

Bus Logo

Bus Transport Facility

Pratibha International School prioritizes students’ safety and convenience through its reliable bus transport facility. The well-maintained fleet ensures a comfortable and punctual commute, reflecting the school’s commitment to fostering a supportive environment for students’ overall development.

Intra & Inter School Competition

Competition Logo

The school actively encourages and supports a vibrant culture of both intra and inter-school competitions, fostering a dynamic environment that nurtures students’ talents and skills. Through these events, students have the opportunity to showcase their abilities, collaborate with peers, and cultivate a spirit of healthy competition, contributing to their holistic development.


CCTV Surveillance

The entire campus is under constant CCTV surveillance, ensuring a secure and protected environment for all. This proactive measure enhances safety, deters potential risks, and provides peace of mind to students, staff, and parents, reinforcing the school’s commitment to maintaining a secure learning space.

Smart Classrooms

Classroom Logo

Our classrooms are equipped with cutting-edge technology, transforming them into smart classrooms that enhance the learning experience. With interactive whiteboards, audio-visual aids, and digital resources, these classrooms provide an engaging and dynamic platform for students to grasp complex concepts. The integration of technology not only makes learning more interactive but also prepares students for the digital era, fostering a forward-thinking and innovative educational environment.

Faculty Logo

Dedicated Teaching Faculty

At PISJC, our devoted teaching faculty is the cornerstone of academic excellence. Comprising experienced educators, they foster dynamic learning, instill values, and promote critical thinking. With a student-centric approach, our faculty at PISJC shapes future leaders and instills a love for learning.

100% CBSE Results at Chinchwad Branch

Results Logo

Pratibha International School celebrates a consistent 100% CBSE success rate, showcasing our unwavering commitment to academic excellence. This achievement is a result of innovative teaching methods and the dedication of both students and teachers. It underscores our position as a hub for comprehensive education, emphasizing success and holistic development.

Development Logo

360* Students Development

Our school emphasizes 360-degree holistic student development, focusing on academics, emotional well-being, and social skills. Through diverse co-curricular activities and character-building initiatives, we aim to create well-rounded individuals, preparing them for success in various life challenges.

Compatible with NEP 2020

NEP Logo

Our school aligns seamlessly with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, incorporating its progressive principles into our curriculum, teaching methods, and assessments. This compatibility ensures our students receive a contemporary education, preparing them for future challenges.

Auditorium Logo


The auditorium at PISJC serves as a versatile space for various academic, cultural, and community events. Equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities, it provides an ideal setting for presentations, performances, and gatherings.

Sports Ground

Sports Logo

The school’s sports ground is a vibrant space for athletic development, offering students ample room for various sports and fostering teamwork. Beyond encouraging regular physical activity, the well-maintained grounds host inter-school competitions, promoting sportsmanship and camaraderie

Salient Features

School App (daily communication through mail and app)

Pratibha International School prioritizes seamless communication with parents and guardians through our dedicated School App. This user-friendly platform ensures daily updates, announcements, and important information are easily accessible. Through the app, parents receive real-time notifications, facilitating instant communication between the school and home. This innovative tool not only enhances transparency but also strengthens the school-parent partnership, fostering a collaborative and supportive educational environment for the holistic development of our students.

Artificial Intelligence

Salient Features

AI, a computer science field, creates intelligent machines that learn and adapt, processing data much faster than humans. Its impact spans diverse domains, from healthcare innovations and sustainable farming to education and environmental conservation. AI holds limitless potential to enhance the world when wielded responsibly.

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