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General Rules

  • Strict regularity, obedience, politeness and courtesy in speech and conduct, smartness and cleanliness of dress and person are rigidity insisted upon.
  • Parents are not allowed to see the class teacher during the school hours without prior permission of the Principal.
  • The ‘first aid box’ is kept in the school office for the treatment of minor injuries.
  • Any change in the residential address or the telephone number should be informed to the school authorities.
  • No party should be given to any staff member of the school by the guardian to the student.
  • No student will be permitted to bring mobile, blades, knives, razor or any other lethal objects to the school.
  • Parents are allowed to meet the teachers on the allotted dates. Prior appointment must be sought to meet on other day.
  • The school expects every student to contribute to the order of the school. hence every student is to pay special attention to all the Rules of the School Discipline.
  • When moving along the corridors from one class to another the Rule is always: Respect classes at work by moving with as little noise as is necessary.
  • No student is permitted to leave class during class hours to go to the water coolers, to the toilet or elsewhere, except for a good or urgent reason.
  • No student is permitted to enter the Staff Room.
  • During the Lunch Recess, pupils must vacate the classrooms.
  • Books, newspapers, periodicals, magazines may never be brought into the School without the sanction of the teachers concerned. These will otherwise and with due reason be confiscated.
  • No collection for any purpose whatsoever any be made in the school without the permission of the Principal. Parents are earnestly requested to make no personal gifts to our staff members. The Principal may always be contacted in this matter.
  • No tips are to be given to the helpers or to the Gate Keepers. Every child is cared for and protected in this school.
Examination Rules
  • The reports will be issued in open days. It is compulsory that parents / guardian should collect the report from the class teacher on the suggested day itself.
  • The general performance in all the tests and examinations will be taken into account for promotion or detention. Principal’s decision regarding promotion/ detention will be final.
  • Pupils who uses unfair means during examination / test will be given zero in the subject and debarred from the examination.
  • A student failing to appear for examination or test will not be re-examined on any account.
  • Result will be declared depending on the students performance during the year.
  • For promotions a student must score at least 35% marks in all the subjects.
  • Students suffering from any contagious diseases will not be allowed to attend the school during examination.

Principal's Sanction

Principal’s Sanction is required for the following:

  • To impose fine or make collections for any purpose whatsoever.
  • To send student out of school during class hours.
  • To bring books (other than prescribed by the school), magazines, periodicals in to the school premises.
  • To arrange for parties, picnics or meetings.
  • To undertake tuitions.
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