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Bringing a Truly Exceptional Education & Childhood

Embarking on an educational odyssey where brilliance is not just taught but cultivated. Join us in the pursuit of a lifelong journey where education becomes a masterpiece and childhood memories are the canvas.

Welcome to Pratibha International School & Jr. College

Established in 2007, Pratibha International School is a beacon of quality education. Our dedicated team of educators, guided by a vision of holistic development, strives to nurture the inherent capacities and potentials of each student. We are proud to have surpassed numerous milestones, becoming a recognized institution in the educational landscape.

We are dedicated to the all-around development of children. Therefore, outdoor activities like skating, karate, rifle shooting, archery, march past etc. are an integral part of the school life of our students. Our students are also encouraged and given ample opportunities to participate in cultural events, hobby classes, cleanliness drives, educational tours, and social welfare programs.

A warm welcome awaits you at Pratibha International School & Junior College! We take pride in creating a vibrant educational community where every student is encouraged to excel and thrive. Our dedicated team of educators, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to holistic development ensure a nurturing and enriching learning experience. Join us on this exciting journey of growth, exploration, and academic success. Welcome to a place where learning knows no bounds!

Milestones and Expansion

With branches in Chinchwad and Somatane areas of PCMC, our school has flourished over the years. Boasting a diverse student body of thousands and a committed team of teachers and staff, we aim to ignite the flame within each child, transforming them into the torch bearers of tomorrow.

Our Educational Philosophy

At Pratibha International School, we believe in harmonizing global pedagogy with Indian values. Our approach fosters personalized learning, allowing children to flourish at their own pace. Teachers serve as facilitators, coaches, and mentors, dedicated to ensuring students' success through hands-on activities.

Curriculum and Assessments

Aligned with the CBSE curriculum, our assessments adhere to CBSE protocols, encompassing written and oral tests, coursework, and practical evaluations. For those seeking an international curriculum, we proudly offer Cambridge affiliation, providing a unique blend of global exposure while preserving Indian core values.

Parental Involvement and Communication

We prioritize healthy communication between parents and teachers, conducting regular PTA meetings. Parents receive daily email updates on school activities and monthly assessment sheets, fostering an informed understanding of their child's performance.

A Cambridge English School Pioneer

Pratibha International School takes pride in being the first Cambridge English school in West India. Additionally, we are an authorized Cambridge English Exam center, reflecting our commitment to excellence in language education.

Embark on a journey of knowledge and growth with Pratibha International School, where education is not just a curriculum but a transformative experience

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School Building

Our Infrastructure

Experience 21st-century infrastructure designed exclusively for learners at our student-centric campus. Here, elegant design concepts seamlessly blend with industry best practices, offering significant advantages for student pedagogy. We strike a careful balance between traditional learning methods and technology-assisted approaches, understanding the crucial role of student interactions in the learning process. Our commitment to fostering the overall development of each child sets us apart, making us one of the premier schools in the PCMC area.