Physical Development

The physical development in school age plays an important role, by helping your kid to acquire basic skills of leading a healthy life as an adult. The school years are a time of constant development and growth. Staying physically active at this stage of development can help your kids to acquire the core abilities and skills like flexibility, stability, concentration, and stamina. Learning and honing these skills will boost your child’s self confidence while also giving them a sense of success and freedom. That is why, at Pratibha International and Junior College we focus on the physical development of your kids through various sports activities selected by them according to their interests.

  • The school’s sport activities consists of hockey, cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, badminton and indoor games.
  • Games are considered to be an integral part of the school curriculum and every opportunity is given to the students to take an active part in games, as games develop character.
  • Games for the school year is divided time table wise.
  • Parents / guardians are required to provide their wards with the appropriate sports equipment.
  • Games are played on an Inter-Class, Inter-House and Inter-School Level
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