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Definition & Aim of PTA

  • Definition: Parent Teachers Association (PTA) is a non-profit, non–political and non– sectarian organization made up of school staff and parents which work to support the school in a wide variety of ways.
  • Aim: The function of PTA is not only to help/ support the school in the development of students but also to provide help/support in the improvement and development of the school.
Definition of Keywords
  • Association – All Parents, Teachers and employees of Pratibha International School & Junior College.
  • Members – Any /All individuals who have been accepted and admitted by the Association.

Aims & Objectives

  • To provide a platform for parents, guardians, and teachers of students of Pratibha International School & Junior College to meet, exchange, deeply analyze issues, make recommendations and effectively pursue the implementation of decisions on matters affecting education/learning.
  • To foster mutual understanding, harmonious relationship and cooperation among parents, guardians, and teachers in the fulfillment of their common aim, the welfare of the school and the pupils/students therein.
Qualification & Membership
The formation of parents- teachers’ Association and working method is as under. Membership of association shall be open to;

  • Parents/guardians whose children or wards attend school in Pratibha International School & Junior College. Such participation shall be non – political and non –religious.
  • Any person who is a member of the teaching staff of Pratibha International School & Junior College.
  • For every class / Division one parent.
  • In the managing committee, 50% would be ladies.

Executive Committee

The formation of Parents- Teacher’s Association’s Managing Committee would be as under:

  • Chairman – Head of the School
  • Vice Chairman – One from Parents
  • Secretary – One from Teachers
  • Jt. Secretary (2) – One from Parents and One from Teachers
  • Member – One Teacher from every Standard.
Sr. No.Member NameDesignation at SMC
1Deepak Vinodkumar ShahChairman
2Bhupali ShahTreasurer
3Savita H Travis Secretary
4Daya KarawadeParent Member
5Rajendra Patwardhan Parent Member
6Renuka DarvekarVice- Principal
7Dilip ParekhNominated by Trust
8Shyamsunder KanganeTeacher
9Atul ShahNominated by Trust
10Sojan P JohnTeacher of other Institute
11A.K. MishraTeacher of Other School
Guidelines & Rules of Conduct
  • Members, will at all times, during its deliberation and actions, work with proper conduct and respect to one another and to the school.
  • Each member must attend general meetings unless a member has a sound reason that will hinder him.
  • The period of Parents-Teachers’ Association would be for one year. Any parent once has become the office bearer or the managing committee member, thereafter in the next five years; he cannot become the office bearer of the managing committee member.
  • The meeting of managing committee should be called minimum once in four months.
  • In the school, every student’s parents should be the member of Parents-Teachers’ Association.
  • Help School in any events outside and beyond standard School functions such as organizing intra-school quiz competitions, science fair, community outreach, teacher appreciation event etc.
  • Provide an “ear” to the issues concerning the parent body at large and take it up with School authorities for satisfactory resolution.
  • Solicit new ideas and suggestions from the parent body to help enhance the overall and all round education experience and work with PIS for review and implementation of the same.
  • Build a sense of community at school through increased and sustained parental participation and involvement in school events.
  • Foster a relationship between parents, teachers, school authorities.
  • The committee members are not allowed to summon a meeting a counsel any other parent without the involvement of the school authorities.
  • The PTA is formed for the benefit of the school and the students and not for any personal interest.
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