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10 important back to school tips for parents in 2022


Summer vacations are coming to an end, and it’s time for kids to head back to school.  A school is not only a place of learning for children, but also a place for socializing and enjoyment. So, while the anticipation of returning to school after a long holiday may excite some, it may not excite others. If parents are calm, helpful, and comforting, their children will feel confident and capable. Listed below are 10 important back to school tips for parents to assist their children in adjusting to their new surroundings. 

Back to school tips for parents 2022


Back to School Tips For Parents in 2022


1. Prepare and plan ahead of time

One of the most crucial back-to-school tips for parents is to first make a list of items that contains all of the necessary clothing, lunch boxes, backpacks, and materials that can be purchased ahead of time. Make sure you don’t go shopping at the last minute.

2. Plan bedtime and wake-up routine in advance

Starting a bedtime routine two weeks prior the start of school is an important back-to-school tip for parents. Preparing children for bedtimes will help them stick to a regular sleeping routine and will relieve you of one concern. Make sure your kid receives a minimum 8-10 hours of sleep each night.

3. Prepare a weekly meal planner and to-do list

The easiest strategy to ensure a stress-free morning routine is to prepare a to-do list for an entire week including the meal preparation,your kids outfits, and keeping a watch on your kids weekly school time-table. This will save your and your kids last minute hustle bustle.

4. Prepare a safety first mindset

The safety first approach is a crucial aspect of preparing your children for the first day of school. Make sure your children are aware of the surroundings as well as their own physical safety. The parents should teach their younger ones their name, how to spell it, their phone number, and the phone number of a responsible adult.

5. Communication is the key

Communicate with your kids to know their sentiments, and how you can offer help to make their first day of school a memorable one. This discussion will make your kid’s back to school journey cheerful.

6. Meet the new teachers

It is critical to visit your child’s school at least one week before the start of the new school year. Allow your child to become acquainted with the new classrooms and new teachers. Try to find a way to meet with the teachers one-on-one.

7. Discuss bullying with your children

Teach your kids to deal with bullies by reporting them to a teacher, counselor, or yourself. Explain to them the harmful effects caused by bullying. Make sure they respect their batch mates.

8. Setup a storage unit

Setup a storage unit by choosing an appropriate location to store everything relevant to school, such as your kids outfits, bags, and school accessories. This method will help you and your kids to locate the things whenever needed. Allow your kids to stock the school materials and keep it clutter-free.

9. Create a pleasant environment at home

It is very important to create a friendly and positive atmosphere for doing homework once school starts. Set up a permanent study room for your kids which is free from distractions and provides a peaceful and positive learning environment.

10. Create a list of enjoyable after school activities for kids

Allow your kids to participate in innovative after-school activities in addition to their homework to keep them entertained. Playing board games, creating artwork etc. are some examples.


Final Takeaway

Back to school brings hundreds of new experiences, including new friends, teachers, clothes, and classrooms, and it’s natural for children and parents to be apprehensive about returning to school. These 10 back to school tips listed above will be helpful for parents as well as their kids to switch from a holiday mode to school mode.

At Pratibha International School we are all set to make the back to school experience a memorable one for all the kids and their parents.

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Are there any other back-to-school tips that you would like to share with us? Leave your comments below. We are waiting!!!.

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  1. Very grateful. Thanks for this needful tips to avoid messy behavior of child. I hope you will share some useful articles to maintain cognitive and psychological development of our children.

    1. @Prachiti Mulye , we are glad you liked our post. Share this with your friends and family to make back to school journey of their kids cheerful and stress free. And we will definitely come up with the topic you suggested. Stay tuned!!!

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