Payment and Withdrawals

• School fee can be paid through prisms web portal before the specified dates of every month which are informed in the instruction booklet. Thereafter a fine of Rs.50/- will be charged.
• Failing to pay fees continuously for 4 months, the student will not be allowed to attend the classes.
• Fees will be collected only on working days between 8.00 am to 1.00pm(Saturday counter closed).
• Fees once paid will not be refunded.
• Fees can be paid in advance.
• School tuition fees will be accepted in cash or cheque only. Cheque must be drawn on the name ‘Pratibha International School’
• Fees for the month of April and May must be paid by 15th March.
• Pupils will not be allowed to sit unless all fees are paid up to date.
• Fees includes expenses towards work experience, furniture, maintenance and repair, first aid, school calendar, examination, sports, library, water, electricity, field trip and staff welfare.
• Bus fees should be paid quarterly, in cash and for twelve months. • Fees will not be collected without the fee card.


• Before a pupil is admitted to primary section, an admission form should be duly filled in and signed by the parents or guardian.


• Before withdrawal parents/guardian must give ONE month notice in advance.
• Those who leave in April should pay their fees for the month of May also.
• If the pupil takes leave without notice for more than 15 days then his/ her names is struck off the rolls for unexplained absence and as per rules. School fees are due as long as pupil’s name is in the register.
• Parents are requested to notify the office of time when they leave the school and fees will have to be paid till the name is withdrawn.
• The Leaving Certificate will be issued after one week on receipt of the application.


Nursery & L.Kg
Admission Fees 2000
Term Fee(3000 x 2) 6000
Monthly Fees(2950 x 12) 35400
Total 43400

Term Fee(3000 x 2) 6000
Monthly Fees(2600 x 12) 31200
Total 37200


Std I
Re-Admission Fees 2000
Term Fee(3000 x 2) 6000
Monthly Fees(2150 x 12) 25800
Total 33800

Std II to IV
Term Fee(2500 x 2) 5000
Monthly Fees(1850 x 12) 22200
Total 27200

Std V to VII
Term Fee(2500 x 2) 5000
Monthly Fees(2100 x 12) 25200
Total 30200

Std I
Term Fee(2500 x 2) 5000
Monthly Fees(2100 x 12) 25200
Total 30200